Executing successful direct mail programs can be complex. You need confidence the partner you choose meets ALL your requirements. American Marketing Services and Consultants Inc. are here to make your job easier. From targeting to creative to full production and lettershop, we are uniquely suited to provide direct mail expertise at every step from inception thru execution.

We build custom workflows to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Direct Response Expertise+ Print Production + Lettershop

Tap Into AMS Consultants Marketing Team.

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Targeting Optimization
  • Data Sourcing/Modeling
  • Mobile, Location Based
  • Online/Offline Integration
Campaign Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Campaign Design
  • Channel Integration
  • Attribution
Ad-Tech Solutions
  • IP Targeting
  • Web Re-Targeting
  • Mobile Capture
  • Location Geo-framing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Automated Workflows
  • Custom APIs
  • DAM Tool Integration
Creative Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Format Optimization
  • Template Creation
  • Design for Digital
  • Print/Banner Ads
  • Video
  • Email
  • Landing Pages
  • Websites
Campaign Management
  • Project Management
  • Client Vendor Synergy
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Attribution & Results
Print Production + Lettershop
  • Personalization
  • Bindery
  • Affixing
  • Machine Inserting
  • Custom Kitting
  • API Integration & Portals
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Logistics
Digital + Media
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing



Data processing / List Hygiene

Do you know who’s getting your mail? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people in the U.S. move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime. And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, people change jobs every 2.3 years. This means that if you haven’t updated your mailing list lately, there’s a high probability that your direct mail will be undeliverable or received by the wrong person. With rising postal costs and shrinking budgets, smart business professionals are seeing the value in cleaning their mailing lists.

American Marketing can help you with the following:

  • Merge/purge
  • Address enhancements (appends)
  • CASS certification
  • Zip + 4 coding
  • Barcoding
  • Automatic presorting
  • NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • List Suppression
  • Lettertext setup with variable data programming
  • Custom programming
  • Online proofing
  • QR Code Creation/Tracking/Reporting
  • Data encryption capabilities
  • Intrusion Protection System
  • Secured IT department

We accept data in various media formats through our secure FTP site. Don’t risk the chance of wasted postage and materials, or worse yet targeting the wrong prospect. You make a big investment in your direct marketing programs…you deserve the best return possible. Call American Marketing and enhance the response of your next direct mail campaign with our data processing optimization.




Today’s marketing campaigns often require more than a basic address block. Need high quality imaging? Need color? How about multiple matching pieces? Do you have complex imaging? Have a material that nobody can image on? We can do it all!

    Let American Marketing personalize it and make your direct mail stand out!

    American Marketing has the technology, equipment, experience and flexibility to personalize even your most complex marketing projects:

      • Continuous form lasering at up to 600 DPI. Simplex and duplex
      • Cut sheet lasering – Simplex and duplex
      • Inkjet imaging , Simplex/Duplex/Color
        • Solvent systems – imaging on any substrate
        • Hp systems – 600 DPI with multiple heads
        • UV Systems – 600 DPI with multiple heads – Great for plastic cards!
      • Read/ Write and Read/ Read/ Write
      • Custom built inline processes

    Print is our Passion

    Direct Mail Print Capabilities

    Founded on decades of print and marketing innovation, AMS continues to break ground by bringing new technologies.

    Our inkjet digital web, traditional web and sheetfed presses marry with a comprehensive in-house bindery and mail fulfillment to deliver massive direct mail campaigns in just days. From breathtaking marketing collateral to the most complex inline formats, free-standing inserts to synthetic cards, AMS is your single-source direct mail production partner.


    Classic Methodology. New technology.

    Conventional offset printing allows our customers to create the highest-quality print materials with brand-accurate colors for reasonable prices. Our knowledgeable press operators command multiple high-end presses to ensure air-tight production with quick turnaround times.


    • Up to 29.5″ x 41.3″
    • 6-Color + Coatings
    • UV, HUV and Conventional Inks
    • 4/2 Perfecting
    • Aqueous Coatings
    • UV Coatings
    • Textured Coatings
    • Unique Substrates (including PVC, Foiled Sheets, Tyvek ®, Teslin, etc.)
    • and more


    • Up to 29.5″ x 41.3″
    • 6-Color + Coatings
    • UV, HUV and Conventional Inks
    • 4/2 Perfecting
    • Aqueous Coatings
    • UV Coatings
    • Textured Coatings
    • Unique Substrates (including PVC, Foiled Sheets, Tyvek, Teslin, etc.)
    • and more

    Web & Inline


    Creativity and boundless functionality pair with single-step manufacturing to yield economies of scale that make direct mail a vital element of your marketing campaign. From a roll of paper to finished product at warp speed!


    • Duplex 600 DPI Imaging
    • Clean-Release Cards, Dry-Peel, Label Affixing
    • Pop-Ups
    • Closed-End Mailers
    • Lamination
    • Glitter Application
    • UV Coating, Textured UV
    • Scented Coatings
    • Scratch-off
    • Security Inks
    • and more


    • Duplex 600 DPI Imaging
    • Clean-Release Cards, Dry-Peel, Label Affixing
    • Pop-Ups
    • Closed-End Mailers
    • Lamination
    • Glitter Application
    • UV Coating, Textured UV
    • Scented Coatings
    • Scratch-off
    • Security Inks
    • and more

    Digital Web & Sheet-Fed

    Large Scale Flexibility with Variable Content

    We have invested heavily in next-gen equipment and digital solutions that will continue to grow and evolve with the needs of our customers.

    For nearly 20 years, we’ve been at the forefront of digital print technology, and we continue to innovate in the digital space so that our customers can reap the benefits of variability, speed and brand-quality imaging. Our advanced, four-color variable data print technology helps consolidate complicated campaigns into minimal print runs.


    • Full Variable Content
    • 1200 DPI
    • Up to 5-Color Perfecting
    • MBO Finishing Line
    • Reach out to an SPC Rep to learn more capabilities



    Bindery is not "basic" anymore!

    Do you have a letter / application that needs to be interleaved and folded? Would you rather slit-to-nest? Do you need a self-mailer folded and glued, or wafer sealed inline?

    Is your project totally unique and can’t be done? We build custom customer solutions! Just call AMS!

    Bindery Capabilities

    • Camera read/write inline imaging
    • Standard folding formats
    • Double gate folding
    • Interleaf
    • Spot and line gluing
    • Multiple wafer seal applications to meet USPS regulations
    • Programmable, variable length form cutting
    • Inline opening and plow folding
    • Shrink wrapping


    Are you adding something special to your direct mail package: Tipping on a card, affixing a key, or a coin? Does it need to be matched to another component? Our affixing machines are outfitted with the latest matching, scanning, imaging, folding and other inline components that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

    With our wealth of experience and unmatched technical and data handling capabilities, American Marketing is the recognized leader in complicated packaging projects.

    Innovative Affixing Capabilities

    • Match affixing single or multiple cards
    • Read a card, affix and inkjet image related information onto a form
    • Match / affix multiple cards to a single carrier
    • Affix cards face up, data side down for better appearance
    • Product sampling
    • OCR / 2D barcode reading for camera matching verification

    Machine Inserting


    State of the Art Inserters

    • High volume inserting – up to 16 Inserts
    • Vast Read/Read and Read/Write Camera Matching Capabilities
    • Sequence number matching
    • High volume Handwork production
    • Multiple pass inserting
    • Stretch/Jumbo inserting

    Camera matching is our expertise.

    From 3 ¼” x 6″ to 9 ½” x 12 ½” envelopes, our highly skilled and experienced operators and state-of-the-art equipment can insert anything.


    For non-automated programs that require your marketing and sales materials to be packaged and mailed, American Marketing’s 35 years of experience in fulfillment make us a recognized leader in the industry.

    Our handwork capabilities are unparalleled in the industry, and we can handle a project of any design and volume.

    • Promotional products to customers or prospects
    • Coupon creation/fulfillment
    • Membership, enrollment, or welcome kits
    • Quarterly or annual financial statements or reports
    • Employee benefit program packs
    • Proposals
    • Newsletters
    • Warranty information/reminders
    • Awards and gifts – loyalty point promotions
    • And a whole lot more!


    From custom kitting & product fulfillment that includes real time ordering platforms, variable print integration and highly flexible production teams.


    We build custom workflows to fit our customer’s needs and execute with proven production systems. The AMS fulfillment center is located within our digital print center in Niles, IL. This allows us to integrate digital print-on-demand with inventory fulfillment in a highly secure environment.

    • Loyalty / membership programs
    • Rules based automation
    • Personalized kitting
    • Data security and compliance
    • Shipping & logistics discounts
    • Dynamic order & inventory management system
    • Secured, temperature controlled, and refrigerated storage
    • Integrated variable print technologies to personalize each package or kit.
    • Large format point of sale fulfillment
    • Registered FDA facility


    Whether it be a shopping cart, ERP, Marketplace or EDI, AMS has API’s for most major technologies:

    • Shopify
    • Quickbooks
    • Woo Commerce
    • Sellbrite
    • Shopify
    • Quickbooks
    • Woo Commerce
    • Sellbrite
    • Amazon
    • Commerce Hub
    • Walmart
    • and many more
    • Amazon
    • Commerce Hub
    • Walmart
    • and many more

    Mailing & Logistics

    Intelligent Mail Tracking

    Successful mail marketing is built on strong foundations and our unique lettershop platform is the cornerstone of seamless interaction with USPS.

    AMS offers a wide range of capabilities to help you reach your goals and create a better relationship with your customers.

    Scale up your mail

    Mail Logistics

    • Postage / Discounts
    • USPS Full Service
    • Seamless Acceptance
    • Pre-sorting & Automation
    • Postage Reconciliation
    • Drop Ship
    • Co-Mingle or Co-Pallet
    • Mail Tracking
    • Direct Truck or LTL Freight

    USPS Certifications

    • Full Service
    • Seamless Acceptance
    • E-induction
    • Detach Mail Unit
    • Plant Verified Drop Ship

    In addition to providing great marketing solutions, AMS is fully a Minority Owned Enterprise.

    Need a copy of any of our certifications? Contact us today


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